Holiday Goody Bags

The holidays are always a busy time of year. While my brother and I were growing up the holidays always meant my mother would be baking, ALOT. She still does actually, because she gives out gift bags with goodies like: Chex party mix and chocolate pretzels and sugar cookies. Some years she’s made crazy popcorn and popcorn balls as well as puppy chow. So while I was home for the holiday this year she sent me back with a bag of goodies. Best Christmas gift of the year.

So, when my supervisor came to me at work this year and asked if I could make something up for the administrative staff, I said absolutely. So, we decided on doing some holiday goody bags. She found the above bags at Michaels. They’re super adorable and were filled with Oreo Truffles, chocolate covered pretzels, and pretzel wreaths that looked more like pretzel reindeer.

Oreo Truffles


  • 36 oreos (crushed, so there’s no large chunks)
  • (1) 8oz cream cheese (not whipped)
  • (3) 4oz Bakers Semi-Sweet Chocolate bars

In a medium size mixing bowl, mix together crushed Oreos and cream cheese. Mix well. Once throughly mixed, start rolling into balls. I usually go with somewhere between quarter and half dollar size. Placing them evenly apart on a baking sheet.

Then, with a double boiler melt down the bakers bars. This can also be melted in the microwave. If done in the microwave just check frequently, because you don’t want the chocolate to burn. Take the chocolate off the heat and start rolling the Oreo balls in the melted chocolate. Use two forks to pick up the balls from the chocolate. It allows excess chocolate to drain off the balls and place back on baking sheet. Once the Oreo balls have been covered in chocolate, place in refrigerator for 10 to 20 minutes to let chocolate harden.

My second set of Oreo Truffles were made with mint Oreos. This can be done with any the many flavors.

Chocolate Covered Pretzels


  • Bag of Pretzels Rods
  • (2) 4oz Bakers Semi-Sweet Chocolate bars

Melt down the chocolate and drizzle over the pretzel rods one at a time letting excess chocolate to seep off. Lay them evenly on a baking sheet. Once pretzel rods are covered you can add sprinkles or just leave them plain. Then place in refrigerator to let chocolate solidify. Then enjoy!

Pretzel Wreaths (Reindeer Things)


  • Bag of Mini Pretzels
  • Bag of Hersey Kisses
  • Bag of Holiday M&Ms

Preheat oven to 250 degrees. Lay out mini pretzels on a baking sheet with Hersey kisses on top. Place baking sheet in oven for about 3-5 minutes or til the Hershey kiss is soft enough to press down on with an m&m. Over melting will cause a mess. Take tray out of oven and start squashing Hersey kisses with m&ms. I usually only use one m&m for each kiss. My mother uses 3 m&ms per kiss. Up to the baker really. Once all kisses have been pressed, place baking sheet in refrigerator for 10 to 15 minutes. Then enjoy!

Happy Holidays to All!

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