Kelloggs Rice Krispies Treats – Pumpkin Kit

I don’t normally make things from a box, but I really like Rice Krispies Treats and a friend gave this pumpkin kit to me. Plus really it wasn’t like they had already melted the butter and marshmallows yet. It was going to be the same process and ingredients that I would have used and done if they hadn’t been nicely packaged in this box. Oh but the powder coloring was definitely an added bonus and was left off the instructions on the back of the box. I added it after I melted the marshmallows and butter.

Clearly this isn’t the only thing you can do with Rice Krispies Treats or the cereal so go check out other ideas at: Kelloggs Rice Krispies Ideas! But none the less here we go:


Kelloggs Rice Krispies Treats (Pumpkin Kit):

– Rice Krispies (bag of them in box)
– Marshmallows (bag of them in box)
– 2 tbsp butter (not included)
– Packet of orange powdered food coloring (pouch inside box)
– Two tubes of decorative gel icing (green and black included in box)


In a medium size sauce pan over medium heat melt butter and marshmallows together. Stir on a occasion to avoid burning. Once marshmallows are completely melted, remove from heat and add orange powdered food coloring and stir well. Add bag of Rice Krispies and mix in until Krispies are well covered with marshmallow coating.

Included in box is a pumpkin mold. Using cooking spray to oil mold to help avoid sticking. Also use a little on your hand to help avoid the krispies from sticking to your hands as you mold. Mold into shapes and let cool. Then decorate with gel frosting and enjoy!

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